The Hidden Beauty project is a revamped, but frozen in time, version of the original We Are Beautiful project. Originally hosted at, the site was nearly impossible to find on the web, due to its .info domain and its content.

The company, Quatsch und Unfug ÖU, no longer exists and the We Are Beautiful project is officially terminated. However, we feel that the site ought to remain online, but... findable. We realized that our direct approach with a site that few people dared to share was less than ideal. And the spammer friendly .info domain prevented anyone from finding the site.

Rebranding We Are Beautiful into Hidden Beauty, moving to a .ch domain and making the site safe for work by default are the changes we made. We hope this makes the site shareable and perhaps eventually someone will discover the site for its intended purpose. But it seems that now is not the time for this site.

What you see on this site now is mostly the original site, but with different branding and a more nuanced focus on intimate body self image issues. The text on the infomation pages have been updated to reflect the current zombie-like state that this project exists in, but otherwise remain as they were.


We're sex positive 3D printing enthusiasts and after discovering the 3D clitoris model we started printing and gifting them to our friends. This playful beginning only set off a much larger project than we initially imagined.

Our life experiences and this new model led us to realize that many humans have questions and insecurities about their own body. It is natural for people to question the shape and size of their own body, yet there are precious few places where you can get real life, useful answers.

Unfortunately many people learn the wrong lessons from consuming pornography, which promotes a lot of concepts and ideas that simply do not apply to real life. We hope to make models available so that anyone can view, study, download or even print these models without time pressure, in privacy. Printing our models for your purposes should also be inexpensive and reasonably fast if you have access to a 3D printer.

With this project we aim to give people a chance to see the hidden beauty of real people. The humans who modeled for us are normal people -- not professional models. We attempted to find a diverse group of people from many ethnicities, but we didn't reach our goal. Few people were willing to volunteer to be a model. For more information on our models, please see our model diversity statement.

All of our human models are anonymous and provided written consent. We destroyed all source images and personally identifying information as soon as the 3D model was created from the source photos. The human models may revoke their consent to have their 3D models on this site. However, it is impossible to remove all the copies that people have downloaded.

Find out more about our team.

We Are Beautiful was a product of Quatsch und Unfug OÜ, formerly registered in Tallinn and created by Estonian digital e-residents. Our models were created near Zürich, Switzerland and the company web site and business were created and maintained from Barcelona, Spain.

The Hidden Beauty project is an updated version of the site, with a focus on human body image and intended to remain online as a frozen archive. At this point the project is terminated and no new models will be added.


The nature of this site is, deep and an evolving topic, especially in these modern times. We worked very hard to learn and use the most up to date correct terms, and we have made many attempts to find volunteers who are knowledgeable in this field who could advise us. While some people expressed interest in helping out, very few actually did, leaving us continually searching for advisors. And then a pandemic broke out, which wreaked havoc on everything and the few people advising simply stopped communicating.

We felt that the site and its use of terminology is good enough™ for us to proceed to open this site to the public. It is by no means perfect and it may actually be impossible to create a perfect site without any sort of mistakes and one that everyone agrees uses correct and sensitive terminology.