Illustrated guide to human sexual anatomy

The models you see on our site are intended to give you the idea of the shape, look and the vast differences between people. However, a lot of our models are taken out of context -- most times you don't get to see the rest of the person. Quite a lot about the person is lost when they become a 3D model on this site. In this illustated guide we hope to give you an idea of what our models may look like in real life. You'll see that there is a lot of diversity and depth to human beings.


To start off with, we have a group of people: Young, old, thin, overweight, differently abled, different cultures:

Did you notice some of the following? Stretch marks, skin conditions, a tampon string, lots of body hair? Tattoos, colored hair, make-up? What about how people are standing or sitting? Click on the image to reveal the answers.

Cisgender Females

Now let's look at more specific examples of females, in this case cisgender females:

Here you can see a female with a mastectomy, different labia sizes, piercings and leg hair. What else? Click the image to find out.

Cisgender Males

Below are cisgender males -- pay close attention to their testicles:

This illustration shows diffent testicle sizes, including one male who has one missing. Did you see scars or hair pigment anomaly?


Here are some illustrations of penises and how they might look in a more realistic context:

We can clearly see that testicles and penises come in different shapes and sizes and that the size of one will not be related to the size of the other.

This illustration shows you how a penis might look from a not-excited state to an in-between state and then fully erect. Make sure to click the image to see rather the rather interesting insights!


And now the same for vulvas, showing two different examples:

You can see different sizes and shapes of vulvas. One person is a mother and has a scar from the birth -- can you spot the episiotomy scar?

Unlike the penis, a vulva is a lot more subtle when it becomes aroused. Do you know what happens? Click to find out!

Intersex people

Below is an illustration of intersex people, in-between male and female:

The person on the left represents a case of Clitoromegaly, the person on the right a case of hypospadias. Keep in mind, there are many variations for intersex genitalia, this is just a tiny sample. Some people do not fit the typical definition for female or male bodies. There are people who are intersex -- people who share traits from both sexes.

Transgender males

Here we have transgender males -- think of what you consider a transgender male looks like. Do these males fit your expectations?

Only one person has undergone gender reaffirming surgery and now has a penis. Did you notice the mastectomy scars, hairy nipples, and a person with clitoromegaly? The person on the right is just now starting their journey to reaffirm their gender and is undergoing transgender hormone treatment.

Transgender females

Last, but certainly not least, we have transgender females:

Did you spot the signs of weight loss? That two females have a penis? We think it is important to be aware of the fact that when someone says they are transgender, you cannot make any assumptions about their bodies.

As you can see, people come in many shapes and sizes. We are all normal and we are beautiful! ❤️