Open Source

This project is 100% open source. All of the code, public data, models and surfaces are released under the CC0 dedication.

If you spot a problem with this site, please open an issue at our issue tracker and describe what problem you are seeing. If possible, please attach a screenshot of the issue your are experiencing.

GitHub Repositories

On our GitHub page you can see all of the repositories that make up the We Are Beautiful project:

  • hiddenbeauty-web: All of the code and scripts needed to run this website.
  • hiddenbeauty-surfaces: All of the surfaces, solids and public metadata which are the sources for the models on our site. This repository should be considered the master archive of our models and surfaces.
  • hiddenbeauty-models: All of the processed surfaces, solids and public metadata ready for display and download on our website. All of the models in this repository have been derived from the hiddenbeauty-surfaces archive. This repository should be considered a convenience repository and if anyone would like to fix or improve any of our surfaces or solids, it should not be done in this repository -- use the hiddenbeauty-surfaces instead.
  • hiddenbeauty-tools: The tools required to turn surfaces into solids, scale and clean up solids, add model codes, create the master database and other tools that support creating the data for this site.

Many of our models contain minor errors on their surfaces. While we've worked hard to reduce these errors, some still remain and we dont have time to fix absolutely every last problem. (Release early, release often, right?) We're certain that all of the models are printable and viewable, which is our primary concern.

If you feel like helping us remove the errors from our models, we'd love to receive pull requests to our hiddenbeauty-surfaces repository.