About our model diversity

Our goal is to make a wide variety of models available that illustrate the great diversity of human bodies.

We wanted to have models who represent the whole spectrum of humans - as many genders, sexes, ethnicites and countries of origin as are necessary to paint a sufficient picture of what adult humans look like. We wanted to represent ages 18+ and humans from all walks of life. In the end we wanted to show that we are all beautiful. Because we are!

We hope to demonstrate human beings and to document their body history. We consider body history to capture the events that have happened to the human model that may have altered their body. This could be circumcision, pregnancy/breastfeeding or any of the possible surgeries that are available today.

However, due to a lack of interest from the public, we've terminated this project. We will no longer be making or releasing any new models.

While we have contacted an endless number of people hoping they would say yes to participating in the project, only a limited number of people have said agreed. Participating is not for the faint of heart! Our models had to shave their body parts completely, since the algorithm that stitches the photos into a model cannot handle hair at all. Schedules must align and trust must be established. Given the number of circumstances that must fall into place, we're quite happy with the collection of models we gathered. Thank you to all of our models!

That said, our coverage of people you might find around Z├╝rich and Barcelona is quite acceptable. But we're lacking people older than 50 years, people representative of Asia, South America, Africa or the Middle East. While we have a number of mothers who have participated, we've had limited luck in having trans-gender humans participate. We understood and respected people's hesitations to participate in our project.

Finally, you may notice that we have more models of vulvas and fewer of penises. This not due to a bias in our model selection, but due to the fact that any motion during the scanning process will severely limit the algorithm's ability to make 3D models from the images we take. Breathing during the scanning process is likely to lead to a failed scan, so our models must hold their breath while we take pictures as fast as we can. Additionally, vulvas are close to the body, whereas penises are further away from the body. Every single heartbeat will make the penis move ever so slightly, throwing off the algorithm. We've had a lot of failed penis scans, thus we have fewer penis models than vulvas.