Model exhibits

We have many models available on this site and it can be hard to know where to start. In these exhibit pages we would like to highlight some of our models. While most of the models on the site are straighforward 3D representations of humans models, other models are more complex or belong in a series that may not be immediately obvious.

For each exhibit we have a downloadable model kit that contains the ready-to-print models described in the exhibit. We hope that these kits will be useful to sexual education teachers and will provide better tools to use in class.

A First Introduction
Introductory Exhibit
Our first exhibit is an exploration of the various types of models that we feature on this site. It includes two full body models, two close-ups, a breast model, a lower body model and a set of buttocks.
Vulva Exhibit
A close look at vulvas
A detailed view of vulvas, including compound models of excited/not-excited vulvas.
Penis Exhibit
A package of packages
A collection of penises, including circumcised and uncircumcised penises, an erect penis and a compound penis model.