Model codes explained

We've taken great care to keep track of the right data, keep the necessary data private to protect the identity of our models and make the data useful.

Model codes

All of our models are carefully coded with the URL of this site and a model code that you can decode using the diagram below. The code contains the ID number of the model, the body part shown, and the pose the person was in at the time of the scan. It also shows if the model was arranged (e.g. arms raised as opposed hanging naturally) and if they were excited (aroused) or not. The final number is the optional version of this model; if it is not shown by default it means the version number is 1. Some models may have repeated scans over time: A pregnant woman at week 19 could be version 1 and the same woman at pregnancy week 40 could be version 2.

Let's take one example code and break it into its parts:



identifies the human model. You can assume that the models 453703-VLNN and 453703-BSNN come from the same person.


identifies the body part, pose, arrangement and excited status of the model. For this example, we have a vulva model, lying down, naturally arranged, not excited. While body part and pose are simple to understand, arrangement and excited need some explanation.

Arrangement concerns whether the model has been arranged in any way. Vulva models are a great example, as some vulvas emerge from underwear they may be folded or their shape influenced by being constrained in underwear. Not arranging a vulva in any way is considered natural. If a vulva has been positioned, perhaps to be symmetrical, it is considered arranged. Compare this naturally presented vulva with the same vulva that was arranged to be spread apart.

For models of penises, a model may also have the foreskin retracted, in which case the arrangement is retracted. Compare this not-retracted penis to this retracted penis.

Excited denotes if the model is sexually excited at the time the pictures were taken. This data attribute is obvious for a penis model, but it seems less obvious for vulva models. However, vulvas also change shape when they are excited, as you can see in this compound vulva model.

1 The optional -1 on a model identifies the version of the model. Most of our models will only ever have one version, but this pregnant female already has a few so you can see how her body changes during the course of her pregancy: week 19, week 27, week 40. We even have compound models that show her both early in the pregnancy as well as later in the pregnancy: week 19 to week 40.