The original team has broken up, but it consisted of:

Robert "Mayhem" Kaye

Chief Quatsch Officer

Mayhem is an über-geek who also loves to tinker endlesslessly, but he actually does love to sleep. Mayhem understands technology, and the importance of education, so therefore is willing to take on the business aspects of making this site run. He lives in Barcelona, Spain and runs the MetaBrainz Foundation as a day job.

You can find him on Twitter as MayhemBCN or view his rather unique personal home-page.

Marc "Trench" Tschudin

Chief Unfug Officer

Trench is an über-geek and loves to model random things, turning information into bits and bits into education. A general do-gooder who practically never sleeps.

Additional help


Volunteer web designer

Monkey is a skilled web engineer and overall designer who created our logo and helps us with web design for this website. Thank you for all your help in making our pages look nice!

You can find Monkey at { Monkey.Do }.

Anonymous Helpers

System Administration, UX Consulting

We had a number of other people help us with this project. In particular a friend of the project spent a lot of time advising us on how to setup our hosting infrastructure for optimium efficiency and stability. Another friend advised us how to create the proper User Experience for our site, ensuring that the site is useful, easy to understand and working as one would expect a modern web site to work.

However, due to the sensitive nature of this site, these helpers would prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you very much anonymous helpers, we couldn't have done it without you!


While we were creating this project we needed to learn quite a few things about the nuances of human sexuality. We also needed advisors to review our work to ensure that our work was accurate, inclusive and sensitive. Our board of advisors have given many hours of their own time to help the creation of this project. Thank you to all of you!

Shauna B

Education specialist

As a journalist specializing in sex education, Shauna has seen all too often what can happen when people don’t receive adequate education. She hopes that Hidden Beauty can help young people and adults gain a better understanding about bodies and realize just how beautiful they truly are.

Ms. J

Healthcare provider

Ms J is a healthcare provider in emergency care. She spent many years involved in sexual health promotion and education as well as working as a birthing consultant. Since her early days, the human body has been of fascination and she’s always sought out images and resources to bring human sexual and reproductive anatomy to our daily vision. There could’t be more truth in the words We Are Beautiful.

Kirsten T


Kisten has provided valuable insight into the educational aspects of this project as well as providing a general sanity checking perspective. She advised us on issues relating to giving birth and being a mother. She also provided us perspectives on how to structure our data model in order to adequately capture information on our models who are mothers. Additionally, she spent a great deal of time copy editing our site.