Exhibit: Vulva Exhibit

A close look at vulvas

A detailed view of vulvas, including compound models of excited/not-excited vulvas.

Click on any image to examine the model on the view page or click on the details button next to each model to explain the model code.


This vulva model of a mother who has given vaginal birth shows an interesting body history event left over from the birth of the child. An episiotomy is a medical procedure to make an incision on the lower portion of the vagina in order to increase the size of the birth canal so that the baby can be born without causing uncontrolled tearing in the vaginal walls.

You can see this scar near the bottom center of this model, running in a diagonal line towards the right.

This vulva is also interesting in that neither the labia majora nor the labia minora are very pronounced.


This vulva model on the other hand has very pronounced labia minora. The contrast betwen this vulva model and the previous model shows how wide the range in labia minora can be.


The previous models showed pronounced labia minora, whereas this model shows pronounced labia majora, but very slight labia majora.

We are extremely pleased to be able to put pictures to the words we've learned from textbooks -- often times textbooks only have one or two drawings of vulvas that do not actually resemble any one person.


The fingers you can see in this model show off a retracted model, where the female was using her fingers to retract her labia in order to provide a better view of her clitoris.

We always need to be careful, as we cannot use models that show rings or other identiying marks, which could be used to identify the person.


This transgender person has a vulva with a clitoris that shows clitoromegaly, which in this case has been caused by hormone treatments.

This model is also an example of an arranged vulva where the labia minora has been arranged to be symmetric in order to clearly show the enlarged clitoris.

We encourage you to take a closer look at this vulva to see how the clitoris looks compared to the other vulva models in this exhibit.


Here we have our first compound model that is comprised of two separate scans. You can clearly see how the skin is smooth on the left side, but has goose bumps on the right side. This is because the female in this model was not aroused during the left scan, but aroused during the right scan.

These scans can be very difficult to create, since it is challenging for us to ensure that the model is positioned in exactly the same way in both scans. While this 3D model wasn't perfect, we can see how the labia minora moved up slightly and if we rotate the model to look at the center line from the edge, we can see how the vulva has become more full with arousal.


This model shows a clitoral hood piercing.


Finally, this model has a slight lip at the bottom of the vagina. We've not been able to definitively find the name for this, if it has a name. If you know, please do let us know!