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A penis model of a male who is lying down

( this model has no comment )

3D model information
body partpenis
arangement typenatural
excitednot excited
human model information
body typeaverage
given birthno

Download model or surface

For informaton on how to 3D print or order 3D prints of these models, please read our model printing guidelines. To download a model or a surface, select a file below:

STL file format, ready for 3D printing 506910-PLNN-1-solid.stl 1 MB download size
STL file format, suited for 3D modeling 506910-PLNN-1-surface.stl 663 KB download size

Order a 3D print of this model

If you don't have access to a 3D printer or know anyone who does, you can also have these models custom printed and mailed to you. If you'd like to order a print, press the button below to open a new tab to start the order.

Unless you are experienced with 3d printing, we recommend that you read our tips on how to order a print. The cost for simple penis or vulva prints (10cm, PLA) will likely €20-€30 ($25-$35), which isn't bad if you don't have access to a printer. Other models, sizes and materials will increase the cost quite a bit.

Note: We are not affiliated with CraftCloud and we do not earn any money referrring you to them. We just think their prices and their web site are a good match for our users. (And their team was helpful!)

Tips for ordering a print
Avoid the rookie mistakes

  1. Select a size for your model: The price of the print is directly related to the cost the print. Simple vulva and penis models with the longest axis being about 10cm long make for a nice model to hold and examine. Be careful with the size -- scaling models up get expensive fast.
  2. Select PLA as the material: PLA is perfect for these models and the cheapest option. Of course you can choose any other material you like -- even gold is an option.
  3. Select the default 20% infill: The infill determines how much material is inside an otherwise hollow print; 20% is more than enough to make a strong print.
  4. Select a color of your choice and then finish the process to purchase your print.

If you would like to share a link to this model, we encourage you to save this model image to your computer/device and then go to the site where you wish to post the link and upload the image from your device.

On a mobile device, long press on the image and then select the option to save the image. On a computer, right click on the and select to save the image to your computer.

The link to this page:

The link to this screenshot:

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